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Minny Pops \ Sparks In A Dark Room [LTMCD 2351]

Produced by Minny Pops in late 1981, Sparks In A Dark Room was originally released on Factory Benelux (FBN 15) the following year and saw the band at the zenith of their powers as creators of motorik electronic dance music.

In addition to the core album, this extended CD and download includes all tracks from singles Time and Een Kus, unreleased demo versions, plus the rare Minny Pops spin-off EP Werktitels from 1982, credited to Smalts.


1. Mountain
2. A Feeling
3. Tracking
4. Crack
5. Vital
6. Blue Roses
7. Black Eye
8. Wong
9. Experience
10. Dream
11. Night Visit
12. Trance
13. Time
14. Lights
15. Een Kus
16. Son
17. Secret Story (demo)
18. Schitterende Ogen (demo)
19. Time (Demo)
20. Werktitel #7
21. Werktitel #5
22. Werktitel #1
23. Werktitel #8

Digitally remastered by Wim Dekker. Booklet includes liner notes and archive images. Please note that the LTM edition is now deleted and replaced by FBN 15 CD.

Sparks In A Dark Room [LTMCD 2351]


"Their under-the-radar masterpiece" (Uncut, 02/2012)

"The Interpol of their day, and it's aged surprisingly well" (Q, 04/2003)

"The cold menace of the album sounds remarkably fresh 20 years on, bearing favourable comparisons with contemporaries such as Simple Minds and Tubeway Army as well as the current crop of analogue pretenders" (Uncut, 05/2003)

"Fascinating. If you can keep a straight face while listening to Interpol, you'll love it" (Muzik, 05/2003)

"There's an implacable note of self-awareness and humour which separates the album from those by other practitioners of the style. I like that" (Brainwashed, 05/2003)

"A real lost electropop classic from a time when minimal synth-pop crossovers were rightly lauded as being pioneering. Minny Pops established a firm identity as purveyors of fine, hypnotic Euro trance pop, and SIADR is a lost classic of a kind" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 02/2003)

"This places Minny Pops squarely within the realm of an early 80s interface that pitched accessible pop conveniences and electronic experimentation in the same arena" (Careless Talk, 05/2003)

"Pristine bleakness. Take this opportunity to hear the misery missed" (Other Music, 03/2003)

"Paints a vivid picture of this lost Dutch band" (, 2/2003)