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T-Coy \ Cariño + Singles [LTMCD 2576]

Remastered anthology of early House singles and Haçienda classics by underground dance act T-Coy. Formed from the ashes of Factory Records group Quando Quango by Simon Topping (ex-A Certain Ratio) and Mike Pickering (Haçienda DJ, and later M People), T-Coy became a trio with the addition of crack keys player Richie Close, and remain best known for their classic 1987 single Cariño.

This compilation features T-Coy material released on Deconstruction between 1987 and 1989, including all tracks from the singles Cariño, I Like To Listen and Night Train, as well as compilation cuts (I Ain't Nightclubbing) and a T-Coy remix of Dream 17 by Annette. The set closes with two door-wobbling 2010 remixes of Cariño by Steve Mac and Motor City Drum Ensemble. The CD booklet features archive images and detailed T-Coy biography with contributions from Topping and Pickering.

Cover artwork after Mark Farrow.


1. Cariño
2. Regret
3. I Like To Listen
4. Da Me Mas
5. Catalonia
6. Night Train
7. Keep On Drivin'
8. I Ain't Nightclubbing
9. Dream Slumber
10. Cariño (Steve Mac's Old Skool Big Room Mix)
11. Cariño (Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix)

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Cariño + Singles [LTMCD 2576]
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"T-Coy delve into undiluted dance rhythm, and combine not only Latino bop with a Blue Monday-style synth attack, but also strata of go-go and funk. Cariño is an example of Northern jazz dance unfettered and unaffected by the London-centric superficialities of Soho pizzaz, a pulse of jazz filtered into the 1980s, and a breath of fresh air" (NME, 1987)

"Figured this as par-for-the-course House until the final mental minutes. Wave after wave of Latinate percussion rises up from the depths of the mix, warping the flesh, making you sprout new limbs to dance in unprecedented ways, scooping out the mind like an avocado" (Simon Reynolds, 1987)

"Cariño is already a dancefloor classic and I Like to Listen follows as surely as back follows front. The sucker-punch of culture, the wildcat piano of jack, the shifty shuffle of samba rhythm. Manchester strikes again" (NME, 1988)

"If T-Coy aren't in the charts like Krush or the Beatmasters, it's because they're too original. Their brand of Latin-flavoured house hypnosis can stand alongside anything from Chicago without looking silly" (Matthew Collin, 1988)

"T-Coy score by reconfiguring their building blocks into irresistible workouts that are both dance-floor friendly and listenable. Which makes the great Cariño + Singles more than a piece of Manchester's musical history" (The Arts Desk, 09/2012)

"Blunt yet exhilarating Latin-Acid" (Westzeit, 10/2012)