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The Delmontes \ Carousel [LTMCD 2458]

An archive compilation by The Delmontes, a cult garage/indiepop band from Scotland.

Formed in Edinburgh in 1979, The Delmontes released just two singles on Josef K-affiliated indie label Rational Records: Tous les Soirs (1980) and Don't Cry Your Tears (1981). Boasting a poised avant-retro sound and vision (three of the five band members were female), the band anticipated subsequent indie trends such as C86, Creation, Sarah and Twee. Both DinDisc and Zoo Records offered to sign the group, who completed a UK tour with the Teardrop Explodes, but sadly this potential went unfulfilled and the band split at the close of 1982.

Digitally remastered, Carousel features 24 tracks, including all five songs from the Rational 7-inch singles, as well as a rich harvest of unreleased demo tracks recorded between 1980 and 1982. The booklet includes a detailed band history plus archive Delmontes photos and ephemera.


1. Tous les Soirs
2. Don't Cry Your Tears
3. GaGa
4. No Man's Land
5. So Sad Too Bad
6. Higher & Higher
7. So It's Not to Be
8. What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You)
9. Infectious Smile
10. No No Billy No
11. Love On a Guillotine
12. Moondrops & Roses
13. Sacrifice My Heart
14. When I Hear The Beat of the Drums
15. Thursday
16. Love On American Beaches
17. Use It
18. And When You're Alone
19. Everyday
20. When Minds Begin to Click
21. Sweet Sweet Love
22. Won't Give In
23. Don't Cry Your Tears (version)
24. GaGa (version)

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Carousel [LTMCD 2458]
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"A lovely, crashing, tumbling reflection of what might have been. The Delmontes' steely and cultish garage pop flowered on two ear-catching singles, Tous les Soirs and Don't Cry Your Tears. As such, this compilation presents a story of potential, rather than a backwards nostalgic glance, and there are obviously a great many lively ideas which would have built on the inventiveness of those two fine singles. As it is, the affair is tinged with a certain sadness" (Record Collector, 12/2006)

"Predating the whole C86 phenomenon by several years, this overlooked Scottish outfit made their name with a similar indie jangle. This generous retrospective gathers together the best of their output" (The List, 09/2006)

"A brilliant reissue. Unknowing forbears of Scots pop such as The Pastels, Comet Gain and Belle & Sebastian, The Delmontes dished up two wonderful singles before imploding. It's still exciting and contemporary listening, crossing 60s French pop and modernism with - of all things - The Stranglers. You can only wonder what they might have achieved if they'd got the recognition they deserved, so let's put it right now" (Il Mucchio Selvaggio, 11/2006)

"LTM has dug up another exquisite corpse from one of the places and moments when some of the most interesting pop was made, Scotland in the early 1980s. The Delmontes could have been some kind indie pop Banshees, but the Farfisa keyboard gives the band a unique avant-retro personality - and makes your hair stand on end" (Mondo Sonoro, 04/2007)

"So why does a band that released only five songs deserve a retrospective? Well, it turns out that The Delmontes were really good. The songs are still remarkably fresh after all these years and both the singles have stood the test of time. The other 19 tracks also show just how close they got to greatness" (Exclaim!, 03/2007)

"Some good stuff, some very good stuff. Vibrant keyboards, spiky guitars, robust rhythmics and mannered vocals. I clutch this artefact with its attendant nostalgia and recommend it to you" (, 02/2009)