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Northside \ Chicken Rhythms + Extras [LTMCD 2386]

Expanded reissue of the one and only album by Manchester 'baggy' contenders Northside, originally released by Factory Records in June 1991. Born of the same scene that spawned the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets and Charlatans, Northside formed late in 1989 and joined Factory the following year. During their brief but eventful career, the band sold out tours in the UK and Japan, played live in the USA and Europe, and gigged with Happy Mondays. Each of their three singles made the national chart in the UK, and even saw Northside reach Top of the Pops. After the collapse of Factory in 1992 the band split.

Produced by Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds, Echo and the Bunnymen), the album made the national Top 20 in the UK on release. This new, expanded remaster on LTM features all three singles released in 1990-91: the Radio 1-banned Shall We Take a Trip?, My Rising Star and Take 5. The six bonus tracks include the b-side Moody Places, two rare instrumental tracks and two live numbers included on overseas editions of the album. The booklet features new sleeve artwork (but still by Central Station) and detailed liner notes.


1. Take 5
2. Weight Of Air
3. Funky Munky
4. A Change Is On Its Way
5. Yeah Man
6. Tour De World
7. Wishful Thinking
8. Shall We Take A Trip
9. Who's To Blame
10. Practise Makes Perfect
11. My Rising Star (12" Mix)
12. Moody Places (12" Mix)
13. Tour De World (Live)
14. Yeah Man (Live)
15. Who's To Blame (instrumental)
16. My Rising Star (instrumental)


Chicken Rhythms + Extras [LTMCD 2386]