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Severed Heads \ ComMerz [LTMCD 2493]

ComMerz is a comprehensive overview of Severed Heads' work between 1982 and 2006, compiled and mastered by head Head Tom Ellard.

The 30 track double disc set runs for 140 minutes and includes club favourites Dead Eyes Opened, Greater Reward and All Saint's Day, as well as earlier singles such as Goodbye Tonsils, Petrol, Hot With Fleas and Big Car plus selected album tracks.

Says Tom: "Here is our latest box of chocolates, which includes our familiar fruits and nuts, hard and soft centres. Some new exotic rum balls might lock your false teeth, but we're sure the pleasure will be well worth the extra chewing."

CD booklet contains detailed band biography by Bernie Maier.

2xCD tracklist:

1. Dead Eyes Opened
2. Adolf A Karrot
3. A Million Angels
4. Goodbye Tonsils
5. Bless the House
6. Now An Explosive New Movie
7. Halo
8. Petrol
9. Mambo First Miasma
10. Blast Patter
11. 20DD
12. Hot With Fleas
13. Nature Ten
14. Canine

1. Greater Reward
2. All Saints Day
3. Big Car Retread
4. Pilot in Hell
5. Twister
6. Heart of the Party
7. Snow Remix
8. Choose Evil
9. Sevs in Space
10. Pinagoal Hank
11. Oblique Firefly Overlocker
12. Kittenette
13. Pilots Hate You
14. We Choose Moon
15. Bigfoot
16. Snuck

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ComMerz [LTMCD 2493]
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"Severed Heads have two decades of wonderful and weird music. ComMerz consists of 140 minutes of avant-electro excellence which spans many albums, and many of Tom Ellard's classic and essential songs. Also includes a very detailed booklet, making ComMerz the best Heads compilation on the market" (TripWire, 07/2007)

"This 2CD collection is both pleasant and cutting edge. Greater Reward and Dead Eyes Opened will divert fans of New Order or early Depeche Mode, but they're at their best when at their weirdest, as on A Million Angels with its distorted vocals, reminiscent of The Orb or Future Sound of London with its whimsically trippy edge" (Record Collector, 10/2007)

"Severed Heads married the melodic sensibilities of Talking Heads to a synth-pop backdrop to create an adventurous sound exemplified hy the 1984 hit Dead Eyes Opened. Seminal" (Mojo, 01/2008)

"This 2CD anthology may serve as an introduction for many to an experimental electronic that was heavily influential during the mid-80s. Evolving out of the Sydney, Australia 70s punk scene and led by Tom Ellard these heads still have their fingers in many pies, currently they make their own videos, graphics, DVDs and websites. The music though wide ranging can be identified by spongy beats, tinker toy like percussion, lightweight pop vocals and bizarre samples, if that sounds like a lot of the experimental bands of the last 2 decades it's because those bands listened to the Heads. While some of the earlier material seems dated, this is an excellent intro for experimental music fans" (The Big Takeover, 12/2007)

"This is proto-electro music, influenced by the Germanic sounds of Kraftwerk no doubt, but with an attention to detail and production values that make it difficult to understand how they never achieved mainstream popularity. A treasured discovery" (Boomkat, 11/2007)