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Josef K \ Crazy to Exist (Live) [LTMCD 2319]

The first and best live album by Josef K. Sixty minute CD Crazy to Exist combines two complete gigs by the legendary Scottish post-punk quartet, taped in Brussels (8 April 1981) and London (8 August 1981). The latter gig (at The Venue) would prove to be their final London show.

Mastered from first generation soundboard tapes. CD booklet contains full band biography.


1. Fun 'n' Frenzy (Brussels)
2. 16 Years
3. It's Kinda Funny
4. Crazy to Exist
5. Forever Drone
6. Revelation
7. Citizens
8. Chance Meeting
9. Sorry for Laughing
10. Final Request
11. Fun 'n' Frenzy (London)
12. Heaven Sent
13. Chance Meeting
14. Missionary
15. It's Kinda Funny
16. Heart of Song
17. Forever Drone
18. Sorry for Laughing
19. The Angle
20. Adoration

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Crazy To Exist (Live) [LTMCD 2319]
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"Here you get the fullest sense of the band at their most serrated and angular, engaged in an always engaging struggle to break out of their post-punk chrysalis" (Uncut, 04/2002)

"Josef K must have been a great group to watch, sounding both primitive and vital whilst eschewing the amateurish playing of most punk bands. The dextrous guitar playing involved is really something special - a shame their time together was so brief" (Leonard's Lair, 2001)

"Excellent" (Uncut, 11/2003)