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The Primevals \ Eternal Hotfire [BOUCD 6626]

Eternal Hotfire is the debut album by cult garage rock band The Primevals, originally released in 1985 and now remastered with 11 bonus tracks.

Formed in Glasgow in 1983 by lead singer and songwriter Michael Rooney, the brooding five-piece combined hi-octane, revved-up garage rock with a dusting of blues, R&B and even jazz influences. Eternal Hotfire was originally issued by esteemed French imprint New Rose as a six track mini-album. Bonus tracks on this expanded remaster include non-album singles Living In Hell and Where Are You?, along with rare demos and compilation tracks plus four scorching numbers recorded live at the infamous Klub Foot in London.

"The Primevals formed to try out something earthy and uncompromising," explains Rooney. "Glasgow was full of bands looking to land a record deal with bland, insipid music. We just wanted to make some noise but with good tunes - and the Clyde as our Delta! I wanted to somehow try and crystallise influences from some the first 45s I bought - Kinks, Animals, Stones etc, as well as later garage punk like The Stooges and The Cramps. When the band jam we try to combine these different styles and get close to that jazz ethic, something like Pharoah Sanders fused with MC5."

2015 remaster. 12 page booklet includes liner notes by Michael Rooney along with archive Primevals images.


1. My Emancipation
2. Blues At My Door
3. She's All Mine
4. Have Some Fun
5. See the Tears Fall
6. Lucky I'm Living
7. Living In Hell
8. Walk In My Footsteps
9. Right For Me
10. Where Are You?
11. This Kind Of Love
12. Saint Jack (live at the Klub Foot)
13. Blues At My Door (live at the Klub Foot)
14. Lowdown (live at the Klub Foot)
15. Spiritual (live at the Klub Foot)
16. See the Tears Fall (demo)
17. Pick It Up (demo)

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Eternal Hotfire [BOUCD 6626]
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"At last, Glasgow's Primevals long out of print back catalogue gets the deluxe reissue treatment it thoroughly merits. Prefaced with sleeve notes by frontman Michael Rooney, the band's 1984 debut six track mini album Eternal Hotfire comes accompanied by an impressive selection of bonus material including rare 45s, demos and live recordings from London's Klub Foot" (Shindig, 06/2015)

"From the start, 80s garage rockers The Primevals were a curiosity. The twin poles of their influences - the swampy roots rock of The Gun Club and the expansive free jazz sax of Pharoah Sanders - put them starkly at odds with most of their Glasgow contemporaries. Eternal Hotfire had aged well, offering a more distilled take on their MO, as they exuberantly career from echoing The Cramps to the MC5. Derivative, then, but their determination to be out of sync with what was around them at the time still impresses" (Q, 08/2015)

"To paraphrase the Shangri-Las, they're prime - but they're not evil. What they also are is positively brooding, verging on Calvinist in their submission to a black, strict reading from the rock 'n' roll bible, underlining chapters headed 'blues', 'country' and 'rockabilly boogie'" (Sounds, 1987)