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The Room \ In Evil Hour + Clear! [LTMCD 2416]

In Evil Hour is the second album by Liverpool group The Room, originally released in November 1984.

Produced by John Porter (The Smiths, Roxy Music) and Television legend Tom Verlaine, In Evil Hour features the popular singles Jackpot Jack and New Dreams For Old, as well as standout tracks Crying Red and Calloused Hands. The extended remaster also finds room for two previously unreleased outtakes, Run Like a Bastard and In My Evil Hour.

Also included are all six tracks from Clear!, the band's transitional mini-album from 1983. CD booklet contains detailed band history by frontman Dave Jackson.


1. A Shirt of Fire
2. Whirlpool
3. Naive
4. Crying Red
5. The Friendly Enemy
6. New Dreams For Old
7. Calloused Hands
8. Half Forgotten Thing
9. Jackpot Jack
10. In My Evil Hour
11. Run Like a Bastard
12. New Dreams For Old (7" version)
13. Ringing
14. Numb
15. The Ride
16. Never
17. Sleep Tight
18. On the Beach

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In Evil Hour + Clear! [LTMCD 2416]
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"The main skills of Dave Jackson and his fellow musicians lay in their ability to move effortlessly from melancholic verses to euphoric choruses. It's hard to fathom why they weren't held in the same esteem as Lloyd Cole and the Commotions or The Smiths. Another lost classic" (Leonard's Lair, 11/2004)

"It's glorious to hear these songs in digital form. Magnificent - excellence abounds" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 11/2004)

"Significant growth from their debut album, a sprightly pop rush of flushed guitars and delectable keyboards" (The Big Takeover, 03/2005)