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Jane Kennaway \ IOU [LTMCD 2565]

IOU is a compilation CD by singer/songwriter Jane Kennaway, best remembered for her radio hit IOU in 1980.

The daughter of noted Scottish writer James Kennaway, Jane released a string of excellent New Wave pop singles between 1980 and 1982, all of which appear in digitally remastered form on this CD along with compilation tracks, unreleased demos and a complete live concert from December 1980.

Producers include Steve Lillywhite, Thomas Dolby and Andy Duncan. The droll video for IOU can be seen on YouTube.

The CD and download runs for 76 minutes. CD booklet including archive images and a detailed Kennaway biography.


1. IOU
2. Take Me Away
3. Celia
4. Radio
5. Year 2000
6. On 84th Street
7. Catch Cool
8. Atmospheres of England
9. Scratching at the Surface
10. I'm Missing You
11. The Way We Really Are
12. Atmospheres of England (live)
13. Mission Impossible (live)
14. Celia (live)
15. Scratching at the Surface (live)
16. British Debut (live)
17. Easy Come (live)
18. IOU (live)
19. Hamburger City
20. Limited Edition
21. Badbye

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IOU [LTMCD 2565]
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'Jane Kennaway never released an album during her moment of near fame, but this compilation makes for an enjoyable listen. There's a theatricality and take-charge aspect to her performances (and vocals) that bears a resemblance to singers like Siouxsie Sioux and Toyah Wilcox, with the music a clear sonic postcard of that era' (All Music Guide, 03/2011)

'Rocky, synthy pop tunes with near-hit title track. Might have done better pre-punk?' (Mojo, 04/2011)

'I like her! I like the quirky, poppy arrangements, I like her wavering falsetto, I like her sly comments on daily life in England during the 1980s, I like her band who effortless cross genres from new wave to punky pop to touches of slick Top of the Pops sheen' (The Big Takeover, 10/2011)

'A voice that could turn water into wine, a writing talent that creates a seemingly endless supply of golden goblets, and a level of musicianship that makes the rest of the current crop seem like very vin ordinaire' (Melody Maker, 11/1980)

'A set of future classics, original phrases hung on instantly memorable tunes' (New Music News, 1980)

'An attractive blonde with features reminiscent of Marianne Faithful on a good day and a voice several hundred times better' (Sounds, 1980)

'Lyrical intelligence blessed with commercial appeal, Jane Kennaway will surely go very far' (NME, 1980)