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Factory Benelux \ Blurt \ Live in Berlin (FBN 5)

This blistering recording of Blurt's frantic set at the Berlin Free University on 13 December 1980 was scheduled for release as a 10" album on Factory Benelux (Facbn 5) the following year, but appeared instead as a regular album on Armageddon. This new Benelux vinyl edition is limited to just 500 copies, featuring all 8 tracks spread across a 10" with bonus 7" single. Sleevenote by Wire editor Chris Bohn.


1. Cherry Blossom Polish
2. My Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of the People
3. Puppeteers of the World Unite
4. Dyslexia Rules
5. Get
6. Tube Plane
7. Paranoid Blues
8. Ubu

Available on vinyl and download. Vinyl is £15.00 plus postage.

Live in Berlin [FBN 5]


"Paradise regained. Live In Berlin's eight tracks capture the band's raw essence, with Ted Milton howling as powerfully as Nick Cave with the Birthday Party, while doubling on sax like a possessed James Chance. Delivered against the backdrop of Stooges-like guitar and a driving rhythm section, Milton's lyrics are couched in poetic experience" (Record Collector, 03/2013)

"Milton's sax playing puts him in the vanguard of have-a-go skronkers, who proliferated in the rock milieu from the end of the 1970s, some of whom thought that simply making a racket with their horns gave them a passing resemblance to Ornette. But with Milton it feels like he is only trying to be himself" (The Wire, 04/2013)