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Blurt \ The Factory Recordings [LTMCD 2526]

Digitally remastered, this 12 track Blurt anthology combines all four tracks from the compilation album A Factory Quartet (Fact 24) released in 1980, together with frenetic live album In Berlin, originally scheduled for release on Factory Benelux in 1981.

The CD booklet features archive Blurt images and detailed sleevenotes. Musicians featured are Ted Milton, Jake Milton, Pete Creese.


1. Puppeteer
2. Dyslexia
3. Some Come
4. Benighted
5. Cherry Blossom Polish (live)
6. My Mother was a Friend of an Enemy of the People (live)
7. Puppeteers of the World Unite (live)
8. Dyslexia Rules (live)
9. Get (live)
10. Tube Plane (live)
11. Paranoid Blues (live)
12. Ubu (live)

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The Factory Recordings
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"Fuelled by a barbed and desperate energy, Live In Berlin stands as a significant piece of UK post-punk... Milton's yelped vocals and rasping atonal bursts of self-taught sax often appear possessed" (The Wire, 09/2015)

"28 years on, this compilation of Blurt's Factory tracks fits in more easily with the current wave of avant junk stylists. Come twitch awhile to this most deliciously twisted of national treasures" (Plan B, 9/2008)

"It's all-purpose chaos. It's brilliant! Where can you go when you're that far gone?" (NME, April 1980)

'It captures brilliantly what they're all about, all the rough and tumble and rough tumble spilling gloriously out of the speakers with ten times the energy and attack of a studio album' (Melody Maker, 4/1981)

"A chaotic brand of funk from a funny farm" (Sounds, August 1980)

"Blurt are the most appropriately named group encountered for some considerable period of time... It's the incompleteness of their music which provides its grab. Don't just listen, participate (great music for bass players to practice to). As Brilleaux would say, eight bars on the bass" (NME, January 1981)

"The four tracks from A Factory Quartet are perfectly paired with the live album In Berlin, released the same year. The calmer early tracks already show some genius, and are a perfect introduction to the more energetic live recording. This was a great concert, very much between genres - moodier than punk, rawer than jazz and psychedelia, more avant-garde than rock - with the complex and simply perfectly combined" (, 11/2008)

"A welcome reminder of the forward thinking of both Blurt and Factory in a time when it was it was so sorely needed" (, 11/2008))