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The Beat Club \ Paris [LTMCD 2559]

A remastered CD edition of the first album by Miami electro duo The Beat Club (Ony Rodriguez and Mireya Valls), best known for their club favourite Security.

Originally issued by Electrobeat in 1994, Paris explores a variety of styles including electro, trance, Miami Bass and synthpop, notably on singles Security, Dreams Were Made To Be Broken, X and Transamerica.

Reflecting Beat Club's early association with cult Manchester imprint Robs Records, the album also includes remixes by Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio and Bernard Sumner of New Order, whose vocal rework of Security is reminiscent of Electronic.

This edition on LTM includes 5 bonus tracks, new artwork and liner notes. Beat Club also appear on the compilation Auteur Labels: Robs Records

CD tracklist:

01. Paris
02. Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
03. Out of Touch
04. Security
05. Random Thoughts
06. X
07. Don't Break My Heart
08. Just Another Crazy Day
09. It's Over
10. Transamerica (Transcontinental)
11. Security (Bernard Sumner remix)
12. Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Martin Moscrop remix)
13. Transamerica (US Remix)
14. Security (Bernard Sumner dub)
15. Transamerica (instrumental)

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Paris [LTMCD 2559]
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"Superior electropop way ahead of its time" (RifRaf, 09/2010)

"While freestyle served as a centerpiece producer/songwriter Ony Rodriguez was equally captivated by house, techno, electro, and new wave. For an electro-dance album Paris is surprisingly varied, not simply a few decent ideas recycled in other tracks (Just Another Crazy Day and Don't Break My Heart are wonderful pop songs cloaked in clubland veneer whereas Out Of Touch beats LCD Soundsystem's Losing My Edge to the punch by six years). Via the Robs Records connection, Bernard Sumner and A Certain Ratio's Martin Moscrop helm intriguing remixes (Security and Dreams Were Meant To Be Broken) while Mireya Valls' spectral voice adds a ghostly chill to the mix" (The Big Takeover, 09/2010)