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The Durutti Column \ Short Stories For Pauline (2CD) [LTMCD 2508]

Double disc remaster (2012) of the legendary long-lost fourth album by The Durutti Column, recorded in Brussels in 1983 with guest musicians including Blaine L. Reininger, Alain Lefebvre and Anne van den Troost. Shelved after manager Tony Wilson decided to expand Duet as an entire album (Without Mercy), Short Stories For Pauline would go unheard for three decades.

CD tracklist:

1. At First Sight
2. Duet
3. College
4. Invitations
5. Destroy, She Said
6. Model
7. Journeys By Vespa
8. Take Some Time Out
9. A Silence
10. Mirror A
11. Cocktail
12. Telephone Call
13. Mirror B
14. A Room In Southport

1. Sketch for Dawn (live)
2. Messidor (live)
3. Jacqueline (live)
4. Conduct (live)
5. Sketch for Summer (live)
6. Danny (live)
7. Stains (Useless Body) (live)
8. The Missing Boy (live)
9. Self Portrait/Version (live)
10. For Belgian Friends (live)
11. interview

The LTM edition (with bonus Live in Bruxelles disc) is now available through Factory Benelux as FBN 36 CD.

Short Stories For Pauline [LTMCD 2508]