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Snakefarm \ Biography

Snakefarm is the acclaimed downtempo/folktronica duo featuring Anna Domino and Michel Delory. After a decade in Europe recording as Anna Domino for labels including Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Records, the pair relocated to New York to cut Songs From My Funeral, an album of traditional American songs reworked in radical ambient trip-hop style.

"I was waiting for the light," explains Anna. "I thought, we should take a bunch of those great old songs about murder and such, and start doing them with modern arrangements, just to see what would happen. As the breadth of the canon revealed itself, it became apparent that countless versions of every song existed, with no two versions the same. So taking liberties with Snakefarm was really just an extension of that tradition."

2011 saw the release of a second Snakefarm album, My Halo At Half-Light, and a resumption of live work in North America and Europe.