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Gina X \ Yinglish + Remixes [LTMCD 2455]

Yinglish is the final album by Gina X, originally issued in 1984, produced and co-written with Zeus B. Held. Singles Harley Davidson and Drive My Car are joined by Gina X originals such as Waiting and Kanal Banal, as well as five bonus tracks from the remix album packaged with initial vinyl copies of Yinglish.

This extended remaster runs for 76 minutes. CD booklet features original album artwork as well as a detailed artist biography.


1. Drive My Car
2. Die Kunst des Liebens
3. Harley Davidson
4. Thanatos Tanzt
5. French Lift
6. Kanal Banal
7. Londra
8. Waiting
9. En Vogue
10. BB 50
11. Martyr to Music
12. Drive My Car (Dance the Car)
13. Kanal Banal (Basic Move)
14. Londra II
15. Die Kunst des Liebens (X-tra Long)
16. Waiting (V-Speed)

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Yinglish + Remixes [LTMCD 2455]
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"It's a strong example of 80s left-field Europop, and if that era meant anything to you this will certainly work like a charm. Again bonus tracks are added, which only makes this an even bigger pleasure for maximum indulgence" (Exclaim!, 12/2005)