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Steven Brown \ Decade [LTMCD 2344]

Decade is a comprehensive overview of Steven Brown's solo work between 1982 and 1992, including several tracks originally released with Tuxedomoon.

A diverse collection, Decade includes both vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as guest contributions from Blaine L. Reininger, Peter Principle, Luc Van Lieshout, Benjamin Lew and Marc Hollander.

Cover art by Andrew Prinz.


1. Voxcon 1
2. Audiences + Stages
3. Decade
4. Last Rendezvous
5. The Thrill
6. In the Still of the Night
7. The Lorelei + Overture
8. Ombres Chinoise
9. Music #2
10. r.w.f.
11. L'Arrivé dans le Jour
12. Tori
13. Kwan-Yin
14. Moments
15. Lowlands Tone Poem
16. Close Little Sixes
17. Waltz
18. This Land
19. Out of My Body
20. You (Remix)
21. Halo of My Memory

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"Steven Brown has emerged as a leading force of the new music, which rejects the conventional separation of pop, classical and avant garde music. Forceful and subversive" (Vox, 09/1991)

"There are sublime moments, which never pander to easy listening" (Melody Maker, 1989)