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Steven Brown \ Music For Solo Piano [LTMCD 2357]

The instrumental cycle Music For Solo Piano aka Sex + Sorrow was originally recorded for Les Disques du Crépuscule between 1982 and 1983, and remains one of Steven Brown's best regarded works.

The piano pieces range from modern to classically-informed, and on several tracks he is joined on violin by Tuxedomoon colleague Blaine L. Reininger. Remastered for CD, the 6 bonus tracks include 2 previously unreleased selections from Tuxedomoon's ambitious 'opera without words' The Ghost Sonata.

Cover art by Patrick Roques. CD booklet contains detailed liner notes. Mailorder copies of the CD are slipcased.


1. Piano #1
2. Waltz
3. The Ball
4. Hold Me While I'm Naked
5. Close Little Sixes
6. Fanfare
7. Egypt
8. The Fall
9. Fantasy for Clarinet and Violin
10. r.w.f.
11. Rotterdam Lullabye
12. The Ghost Sonata #1
13. The Ghost Sonata #2
14. Music #2 (version)
15. Basso Pomade (orchestral)
16. Licorice Stick Ostinato (orchestral)
17. Music #2 Reprise (orchestral)

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Music For Solo Piano [LTMCD 2357]
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"There are sublime moments on Music for Solo Piano, which never panders to easy-listening" (Melody Maker, 1989)

"This 1983 album of instrumental chamber sketches somewhat perversely belies its title, featuring Brown on clarinet as well as Debussian piano, while fellow Tuxedomoonite Blaine Reininger adds weeping violin flourishes. Stripped down outtakes from the Ghost Sonata float over tasteful snatches of whimsical intent. Close Little Sixes and R.W.F. hint at off-kilter travelogues for 60s spy soundtracks, with enough wide-open spaces to gaze longingly over whatever border was going" (Glasgow Herald, 03/2003)

"It's absolutely fantastic. Steven Brown came out of Tuxedomoon and it's just almost Erik Satie-ish, it's heartbreaking. If I had one album left it would have to be that" (Lydia Lunch in Mojo, 03/2004)