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Kalima \ Feeling Fine [LTMCD 2449]

Feeling Fine is the third album from latin-jazz outfit Kalima, originally released on Factory (Fact 249) in August 1990, and the record on which the second iteration of the band truly hit their stride.

The two bonus tracks are taken from the Shine remix single (Fac 269), featuring club-friendly mixes by Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge and Tim Oliver. The CD booklet contains liner notes and archive Kalima images.


1. Shine
2. A Thousand Signs
3. Take It Easy
4. Interstella
5. All the Way Through
6. Big Fat City
7. The Groovy One
8. Azure
9. Unreal
10. Shine (Vibrazonic Dub Mix)
11. Shine (Concrete Mix)

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Feeling Fine [LTMCD 2449]
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"Still a very fresh album, and every track would sit well in a modern chill-out set. A solid and timeless piece of work" (Discogs, 03/2004)

"Jazz-dance group Kalima had been recording for Factory since 1982, initially as moody funk outfit Swamp Children, and Feeling Fine was their fourth LP for the label. The band were closely associated with Factory's more lauded post punk innovators A Certain Ratio: soprano saxophonist Tony Quigley divided his time between the two groups, and he, his vocalist sister Ann and guitarist John Kirkham formed Kalima's core. In retrospect, Feeling Fine is the last, late hurrah of Factory's ties to Manchester's jazz-dance scene, before the label's clubbing honeymoon really took hold, and there's little reason to recommend it above predecessors like 1986's transitional Night Time Shadows. Excellent spin-off single Shine is another matter, its two lengthy remixes (one by Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge, the other by Kalima's producer Tim Oliver) turning Feeling Fine's lithe original into a record that straddled both jazz and club cultures with ease. Kalima's bold farewell to the label, the 12" slots neatly alongside A Certain Ratio's creative resurgence on the same year's ACR: MCR album for A&M" (The Quietus, 12/2012)