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Ultramarine \ Folk [OSHCD 01]

LTM has limited quantities of the first Ultramarine album, Folk, originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1990 (TWI 874) and including club favourite Stella. Sleeve by Benoît Hennebert.

The CD version currently in stock is the 1994 reissue released on Ultramarine's own Offshore imprint (OSHCD 1). In 2020 a newly remastered vinyl edition was issued through Foam On A Wave.

CD tracklist:

01. Lobster
02. Antiseptic
03. Bronze Eye
04. Bastard Folk
05. Bullprong
06. Softspot
07. Vulgar Streak
08. The Golden Target
09. Stella
10. Interstellar

Available on CD and digital download (MP3). To order please select correct shipping option (UK, Europe of Rest of World) and click on Add To Cart button below cover image, or else contact LTM by email for other payment options.

Folk [OSHCD01]
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"Long before Bibio, Tuung or Minotaur Shock came on the scene, of the term folktronica was coined, Utramarine pioneered a highly original mixture of pastoral guitar plucking and machine-make rhythms. Their debut album, Folk, was decades ahead of its time, blending the synthetic and organic in a way that was way ahead of the curve... It was with their following records that Ultramarine really broke through, but Folk is a hidden gem which connects decades and various musical scenes in a way managed by few other artists since. Possessed of a unique atmosphere, Folk is a classic that deserves to be rediscovered - or discovered for the first time, by a generation open to its genre-melding sensibility" (Electronic Sound, 10/2020)