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The Field Mice \ For Keeps + Singles [LTMCD 2423]

For Keeps + Singles combines the third and final Field Mice album (released by Sarah in October 1991) with all tracks from the singles September's Not So Far Away and Missing the Moon. By 1991 the band had expanded to become a five piece, with founders Bobby Wratten and Michael Hiscock joined by guitarist Harvey Williams, drummer Mark Dobson, and Annemari Davies on vocals and keyboards.

These swansong recordings again confirm that The Field Mice were one of the most underrated bands of their era, perhaps the missing link between Postcard Records and Belle and Sebastian. CD features 15 remastered tracks, with detailed biographical notes in the booklet.

CD tracklist:

1. Five Moments
2. Star of David
3. Coach Station Reunion
4. This Is Not Here
5. Of the Perfect Kind
6. Tilting at Windmills
7. Think of These Things
8. Willow
9. And Before the First Kiss
10. Freezing Point
11. Missing the Moon
12. A Wrong Turn and Raindrops
13. An Earlier Autumn
14. September's Not So Far Away
15. Between Hello and Goodbye

Please note that this CD is now deleted.

For Keeps + Singles [LTMCD 2423]


"The Field Mice dressed like librarians and wrote songs about being sensitive, and on Coach Station Reunion turned in a dreamy, smiling slice of the Sixties. Chiming and sighing, it seems like it should be a cover of an unreleased Monkees song, shelved on grounds that it 'lacks edge'. The Field Mice make that the whole point" (Pitchfork, 2008)

"Four stars" (Uncut, 04/2005)

"Total Absolute Single of the Week" (NME, 09/1991)

"Their finest moment. For Keeps features their most varied songwriting, along with a fine control of dynamics" (Other Music, 12/2005)

"For Keeps is like a more highly textured version of 'typical' Field Mice songs. The dance elements of Skyrwriting have disappeared, but even in the most dramatic moments it feels really special. It's one more rewarding album filled with songs that sound lovely and also strip human emotions down to their essence, taking what people feel and vividly capturing them in song" (Erasing Clouds, 02/2005)

"The band's swansong, on which bold new ground is broken. Wratten and co were learning the art of stretching out, and building to memorable crescendoes in their own sweet time" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 03/2005)

"Lovely lovely lovely" (Melody Maker, 1991)