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Peter Principle \ Idyllatry [LTMCD 2441]

Idyllatry is the fourth solo album by Tuxedomoon bass and effects wizard Peter Principle, featuring ten tracks written arranged and produced by Peter, as well as an esoteric cover of the Love/Arthur Lee classic Emotions.

Peter describes the set as "a selection of works custom made for a variety of situations and media during the last decade of the Twentieth Century." One track, Tunguska, is performed by the occasional outfit Ecco Bravo, and mixed by Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu.

Originally released in 2005, Idyllatry runs for 62 minutes. The CD booklet includes colour and monochrome images shot by Peter.


1. Emotions
2. Scissors Cut Paper
3. Tunguska
4. The Quarry
5. The Cloisters
6. The Unknown
7. Opening of Distractions
8. Grandfather Tree
9. Sculpting 'Til Dawn
10. Uncertain
11. Desolate Idyll Epilogue

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Idyllatry [LTMCD 2441]
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"Those who enjoy Principle's work will appreciate this. Contemplative, meditative semi-exotica, more than anything it feels like a soundtrack to an unknown movie" (All Music Guide, 2005)

"The real brainiac in Tuxedomoon is probably the shy and retiring Peter Principle, whose solo albums to date contain more sonic mayhem and mischief than anything by either Brown or Reininger" (Paris Transatlantic, 05/2007)