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23 Skidoo \ Just Like Everybody [LTMCD 2532]

The ultimate Skidoo primer! Disc one of this extended 'best of' set covers the years 1980-1987 and includes the singles Last Words, Coup and Language, along with key album tracks from Seven Songs and Urban Gamelan as well as alternative mixes, plus both sides of the rare debut 7" on Pineapple.

The second disc Just Like Everybody (Part Two) is made up of material recorded by the group at various times during the 1990s, none of which is available elsewhere. 32 tracks in total, 120 minutes of music.


Disc 1

1. Kundalini
2. Vegas El Bandito
3. IY
4. Last Words (12" version)
5. Coup (Mix)
6. Kongo-Do
7. Language (dub)
8. Shrine
9. Assassin (Shugyosha Step)
10. Mahgrebi
11. Last Dub
12. Ooze
13. Ethics
14. Another Baby's Face
15. Celestial Flutes

Disc 2

1. Roninstep
2. Meltdown
3. What Y'All Gon' Do
4. Eye Spy
5. 23 Break
6. 100 Dark
7. Lightening Beats
8. Cushite
9. The Best
10. Suspense
11. Mr Lee Are You Ready?
12. Clan Break
13. Elephants
14. Reachin' Break
15. Liquid Noise
16. Return of the Dragon
17. Recoup

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Just Like Everybody
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"23 Skidoo were unique among the crowd of early 80s post-punk and industrial innovators. Unlike the cold, harsh music of their peers, the ever-fluctuating line-up remained just as confrontational but incorporated warmer elements of funk, world music and, later, hip-hop. Up-tempo dance numbers would share bed with eerie experimental sound collages, the band being influenced by everything from Gregorian chant to Jeet Kune Do martial arts. And then there's the trifling matter of a little something called Coup, which went on to inform the Chemical Brothers' smash Block Rockin' Beats. This reissue, together with Seven Songs and Urban Gamelan, collects the work of one of the most diverse and influential bands of the era" (Clash, 01/2009)

"The rhythm and sheer energy here have, if anything, intensified over the years" (Record Collector, 01/2009)

"Just Like Everybody bundles together two earlier compilations in expanded form, and with some crucial additions, among them the superior dub mix of Last Words, and their last great piece, the slinky Ooze from 1986" (The Wire, 01/2009)

"This version of the band's original singles collection couples most of the tracks from the original vinyl issue, as well as the separate Just Like Everybody (Part Two) from the late 1990s to create a definitive anthology of material. Most will be happy with one superb disc and one adequate one compared to the mediocrity of many releases this day and age, and LTM once again have put together a package that celebrates the legacy of a band that has somewhat been forgotten in lieu of their contemporaries" (Brainwashed, 11/2008)

"Long overdue singles compilation. Part Two straddles 23 Skidoo's metamorphosis into UK HipHop curators Ronin. Once again, received wisdom about this music - that it is glossier, less extreme than their earlier work - is not entirely true. Meltdown, for instance, harbours far more bad omens than the justly revered Coup" (The Wire, 02/2003)

"Pioneers for the ears" (Metro, 03/2012)