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23 Skidoo \ Urban Gamelan [LTMCD 2530]

An expanded remaster of the third album by 23 Skidoo, originally issued in 1984 and now with four bonus tracks including the 12" versions of Language and mighty single Coup, as well as flipside dub mixes.

The CD booklet features a detailed Skidoo biography and archive images.


1. F.U.G.I.
2. Fire
3. Misr Wakening
4. Jalan Jalan
5. Urban Gamelan (Pt 1)
6. Sirens
7. Helicopterz
8. Kongo-Do
9. Language (dub)
10. Drunken Reprisal
11. Untitled (Coup de Grace)
12. Coup (12" version)
13. Language (12" version)
14. Language (12" dub)
15. Coup (In the Palace)

Available on CD and digital (MP3 or FLAC). To order please first select correct shipping option (UK, Europe or Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below cover image. Digital copies are delivered to customers via link sent by email.

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Urban Gamelan
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"1984 saw Skidoo gamely attempting a slightly more conventional funk direction alongside their experimental percussion work, Urban Gamelan reflecting this awkwardly schizophrenic but rewarding period. Bonus tracks on this reissue include not only the irresistible 'commercial' single Coup, but also it's excellent (and long sought-after) follow-up Language" (The Wire, 01/2009)

"You could prattle on about seminal, influential blah blah - all you need to know is that it is entirely unique. The extras are wholly necessary, seeing as how Skidoo often released singles outside albums and then reworked them into bizarre new shapes. Sleevenotes too are superb' (The Quietus, 02/2009)

"The hippest of the British art-funk underground. Ultimately too unconventional for a wider audience, with their best tracks now back in print 23 Skidoo's unique achievements can be more widely appreciated" (Corriere Canadese, 02/2009)

"A mighty 45, Coup is a vinyl TV cop show car chase driven by Sketch Martin's bass, with Aswad's horn section blazing away in hot pursuit" (NME, 08/1984)

"A more muscular production then Seven Songs, and a pull-back from the sonic tribal barrage of Culling, Urban Gamelan edged a little closer to commercial music. Brilliant, slippery single Coup was perhaps the most obvious contender for 23 Skidoo's one chance at an absolute chart smash. What a track. CD also comes with a beautiful and copious booklet" (Brainwashed, 11/2008)

"The producer-led 12" revolution remains in evidence with extended versions of Coup and Language, as well as essential dub mixes" (Record Collector, 1/2009)

"Skidoo have enjoyed a spectral presence in dance culture. Urban Gamelan's gently ominous atmosphere (space age bachelor padded cell music) gently grows on you" (Uncut, 11/2001)