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Winston Tong \ Like the Others [LTMCD 2440]

A remastered edition of the 1983 tone poetry album by Winston Tong, the American multimedia artist best known for his work with experimental group Tuxedomoon.

Like the Others was recorded in 1982 and originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule as a deluxe cassette and book package. Guest musicians include Tuxedomoon cohorts Steven Brown, Peter Principle, Blaine L. Reininger and Bruce Geduldig.

As well as original spoken word cycle Like the Others, the set also incorporates esoteric interpretations of Going Out of My Head and For Your Love, with the added bonus of a French-language version of the title track, Comme les Autres.

Remastered for CD, Like the Others also now includes rare 1978 soundtrack recording Wild Boys, along with a Tong auto-interview released as a promo-only 12-inch in 1985. 77 minutes of music in total.


1. Like the Others
2. In a White Room
3. Going Out of My Head/For Your Love
4. Comme les Autres
5. Interview
6. Wild Boys

Available on CD and digital (MP3 or FLAC). To order please first select correct shipping option (UK, Europe or Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below cover image. Digital copies are supplied to customers via link sent by email.

Like the Others [LTMCD 2440]
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"The literary focus of the release remains central, pitched somewhere between the spoken word/poetic recitation and a series of musical explorations. The core of the original release, the nearly half-hour long In a White Room, features Tong's vivid, yet almost feverish portrayal of a mysterious romantic/artistic relationship over his own gently rhythmic piano playing. Weirdly compelling, and made more effective by Tong's gift for drama. And the LTM re-release features two unrelated by intriguing rarities" (All Music Guide, 12/2005)

"The title track is a beautiful four-minute cut where Tong riffs off late-night existential poetry like a bedraggled lounge singer who's down on his luck and a little drunk with self-sympathy, while the album centrepiece In a White Room never drags or gets boring over 24 minutes. This is classic 80s conceptual underground innovation at its very finest" (Exclaim!, 12/2005)