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Dislocation Dance \ The Ruins of Manchester + Cromer (2CD) [LTMCD 2570]

This deluxe double CD package combines two studio albums by indiepop pioneers Dislocation Dance: The Ruins of Manchester (2011) and Cromer (2005), both helmed by Ian Runacres and Phil Lukes.

"Both albums call upon personal history," explains Ian. "Cromer evokes childhood summers on the Norfolk coast, while Ruins reflects an affection for a pre-renaissance, pre-90s investment Manchester."

2xCD tracklist:

1. Yes
2. Stop Breathing
3. Snakes and Ladders
4. August Sun
5. Night and Day
6. Between the Lines
7. Crash
8. The Ruins of Manchester
9. Never Be the Same
10. Hangfire
11. Mesmerised
12. Get On Home
13. Yes (reprise)

1. Sanctuary on a Train
2. Cromer
3. What Can the Matter Be?
4. Broken In Two
5. Button Your Lip
6. Colour Story
7. Darkness Falls
8. I Went Home
9. Happy Walking
10. Long Way Down
11. Your Beautiful Friends
12. The Life and Soul
13. Short Honeymoon
14. All In Your Head/Headlong

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The Ruins of Manchester + Cromer [LTMCD 2570]
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"Disarmingly pretty and melodic" (Q, 05/2005)

"Dislocation Dance's eye and ear for understated funk/post-punk with a certain retrospective glance make these efforts almost perfectly conceived" (All Music Guide, 05/2012)

"Elements of funk and jazz inform their indie guitar base on The Ruins of Manchester, serving up a compelling menu of melodic gems. Tracks such as Stop Breathing, complete with string arrangements and a trumped solo, captivate the ear" (Record Collector, 08/2012)