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Auteur Labels \ Series Overview

The compilation series Auteur Labels profiles independent record labels with a unique and enduring sound, vision and design sensibility, and concerned more with art than commerce.

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"Outstanding compilations, sophisticated scholarship. Boredom by Buzzcocks from 1977 sets a standard of intellectual imagination and neurotic pop energy. Several of the artists subsequently recording on New Hormones would in their different ways evolve this school of taut, playful, sonic compression, in which tremulous pop guitars merged with deft hi-hat beats, moody electronic enhancement and outright avant-gardism. Thus the free pop collage of My Cherry Is In Sherry by Ludus finds a place alongside, for instance, the near dub jazz of Skin Deep by Eric Random, or the dark growling of Denture Beach by Biting Tongues" (The Wire, 08/2008)

"A bang up job. The Crépuscule package depicts a bygone era of enduring relevance, and the superb booklet is rich in historical detail, photographs and artwork" (Brainwashed, 09/2008)

"It's easy to think you've already heard the full Factory story, but this disc highlights a chapter in the label's history that's often overlooked" (Boomkat, 06/2009)

"LTM deliver another instalment in the extremely exciting Auteur Labels series, compiling the best tracks from the label prior to Rob Gretton's death in 1999. Among them are pre-historic Factory workers A Certain Ratio, Roy Davis Jr, Sub Sub (later Doves) with their Nr. 3 hit Ain't No Love and the early ambient uberhit Pear Shaped by Digital Justice. Strictly 90s and full-blooded" (Westzeit, 05/2010)

"One of the most fascinating label samplers, Independent Project Records is a magical realm where uncommercial approach meets accessible hook - with complete love, care and joy in creation. Here's to another 30 years!" (The Big Takeover, 05/2010)

Auteur Labels: Crepuscule [LTMCD 2517]
Auteur Labels: IPR [LTMCD 2544]
Auteur Labels: Object Music [LTMCD 2527]