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Brightside \ Shinjuku Junction (download) [BOU6629]

Besides writing and recording as Dislocation Dance, Ian Runacres and Phil Lukes recorded three leftfield pop albums as Brightside between 1998 and 2002, before the harsh realisation that there were too many other acts with much the same name.

All three albums are now available as downloads:

6627 - Snakes and Ladders (download only)
6628 - Slide and Dive (download only)
6629 - Shinjuku Junction (download only)

Released after reunion dates in Japan in 2000, Shinjuku Junction was originally credited to Brightside Vs Dislocation Dance, and features DD members Andy Diagram and Kathryn Way.


1. It's Not True
2. Salamander
3. You'll Never Never Know (version)
4. Sun Won't Shine
5. Shinjuku Junction
6. Nothing Gets Thrown Away
7. Everybody's Wiser Now
8. When?
9. Never Mind
10. Incurable Romantic
11. A Million and One Regrets
12. Falling Down
13. Tenderness Drowns

SHINJUKU JUNCTION (download) [BOU6629]