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The Orchids \ Striving For the Lazy Perfection + Singles [LTMCD 2451]

This remastered and expanded edition of Striving For the Lazy Perfection runs for 67 minutes and includes liner notes by Alistair Fitchett.

Originally released by Sarah Records in 1994, and once more produced by Ian Carmichael of One Dove, stand-out tracks on the third Orchids album include Obsession No. 1, A Kind of Eden, Lovechild and A Living Ken and Barbie.

The five bonus tracks are culled from the 1992 EP Thaumaturgy, along with demo tracks including a cover of Boxtops classic The Letter.


1. Obsession No. 1
2. Striving For the Lazy Perfection
3. The Searching
4. Welcome To My Curious Heart
5. Avignon
6. A Living Ken and Barbie
7. Beautiful Liar
8. A Kind of Eden
9. Prayers to St Jude
10. Lovechild
11. Give a Little Honey
12. I've Got To Wake Up To Tell You My Dreams
13. The Perfect Reprise
14. Thaumaturgy
15. I Was Just Dreaming
16. Between Sleeping and Waking
17. It's Ours
18. The Letter


Striving For The Lazy Perfection+Singles LTMCD 2451


"Here, the tension between wanting to wig out (as on Beautiful Liar) and grow more evanescent (as on the sublime St Etienne single that never was, A Kind of Eden) is evident" (Uncut, 10/2005)

"Thaumaturgy is a gem, languid and alluring, like one of Mickey Spillane's femme fatales seducing Mike Hammer with their oh-so-obvious guiles" (Tangents, 09/2005)

"One of British pop's best-kept secrets - lithe, evocative and memorable music" (NME, 1994)

"More eclectic, and moving further along the path they were already traversing. Every single song is a gem" (Exclaim!, 11/2005)