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The Orchids \ Unholy Soul + Singles [LTMCD 2445]

Remastered for CD, Unholy Soul was originally released on Sarah Records in 1991 and now boasts nine bonus tracks from associated singles.

Produced by Ian Carmichael (of One Dove) in 1991, stand-out tracks on Unholy Soul include Dirty Clothing, Bringing You the Love, The Sadness of Sex and should-have-been single Peaches. Among the pick of the bonus cuts are non-album singles Something for the Longing and Bemused, Confused and Bedraggled.

Liner notes by Alistair Fitchett of Tangents.


1. Me and the Black and White Dream
2. Women, Priests and Addicts
3. Bringing You the Love
4. Frank De Salvo
5. Long Drawn Sunday Night
6. Peaches
7. Dirty Clothing
8. Moon Lullaby
9. Coloured Stone
10. The Sadness of Sex (Pt 1)
11. Waiting For the Storm
12. You Know I'm Fine
13. Bemused, Confused and Bedraggled
14. Pelican Blonde
15. Tropical Fishbowl
16. How Does That Feel
17. Sigh
18. Something for the Longing
19. Farewell Dear Bonnie
20. On a Sunday

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Unholy Soul + Singles [LTMCD 2445]
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"Ecstatic and blanched, The Orchids' career runs oddly parallel to that of Bobby Gillespie, but without the ruthless historical revisionism" (Uncut, 10/2005)

"A beautiful album - timeless melodies for sure" (Melody Maker, 1991)

"Twelve songs of emotional wit and sparkling indie pop, spiked with a variety of electronic elements and a killer touch in James Hackett's vocals. That his singing and the band's playing so perfectly match song for song makes for one treat after another - the gentle melancholy of Long Drawn Sunday Night, the proto-trip-hop-meets-ringing-guitars of Waiting for the Storm" (All Music Guide, 10/2005)

"Increasing confidence made their masterpiece, the band experimenting with electronic beats and dance rhythms, much like Primal Scream were doing around the same time" (Exclaim!, 11/2005)

'A lovely, unpredictable record' (NME, 05/1991)