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Tuxedomoon \ Ten Years In One Night (Live) [PB 5921]

Ten Years In One Night is a live album by Tuxedomoon, digitally recorded on their 1988 reunion tour in Germany, Italy, Japan and The Netherlands.

The featured performers are Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger, Peter Principle, Luc van Lieshout, Bruce Geduldig, Paul Zahl and Ivan Georgiev. Most of the tracks were recorded in Berlin on 26 February 1988. Two older recordings are also featured, with No Tears and In A Manner of Speaking both taped in 1985, the latter sung by Winston Tong.


1. Michael's Theme (Connie's Wedding)
2. Burning Trumpet
3. Reedin' Rightin' Rhythmatic
4. The Waltz
5. In A Manner of Speaking
6. The Cage
7. Everything You Want
8. Dark Companion
9. Courante Marocaine
10. Litebulb Overkill
11. Desire
12. In the Name of Talent (Italian Western II)
13. Nervous Guy
14. Pinheads on the Move
15. No Tears
16. In Heaven
17. Nazca

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"While often allying themselves to performance art, this live Tuxedomoon album is a collection of toured works from Europe and Japan that saw co-founder Blaine Reininger rejoin the post-punkers for a reunion tour. Presenting a heady mixture of electronica, jazz-fusion, avantgarde sensibilities, soundscapes driven by synths and analogue sprinkles via sax and violin, it's always interesting and exploratory. With most of Tuxedomoon's popular works covered, including their early 70s singles, this is an essential reissue for fans." (Record Collector, 03/2010)