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Antena \ Bossa Super Nova [LTMCD 2554]

For this final volume in the Antena album trilogy, Isabelle Powaga and Penelope Fasy decided to rummage through the attic and dust off some classic Roland equipment: the TR-808 drum machine, TB-303 Bassline sequencer and SH09 monophonic synth - all used to great effect on the classic debut Antena album Camino del Sol in 1982.

Adding to the retro theme, old schoolfriend Jean Christophe Clair was invited to contribute lyrics and ideas in remembrance of times past. Isabelle Antena arranged and produced the songs with her husband Denis Moulin at their studio in the south of France, with Marco De Meersman adding extra percussion. Thus Bossa Super Nova was born.

Straight to the Point pays homage to Serge Gainsbourg and Pierre Henri, while Under Your Closed Eyelids featured in season two of TV show The Boondocks.


1. Une Francaise sur Mars
2. For No Reason
3. Happy In My Garden
4. Le Grenier d'Isabelle
5. Straight to the Point
6. Leave Las Vegas
7. Amour Cosmique
8. A Night of Infinity
9. Under Your Closed Eyelids
10. Hollywood is Dead
11. Cine-Club
12. Little Boxes

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Bossa Super Nova [LTMCD 2554]
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"If you're a fan of Stereolab, St Etienne, Louis Philippe - or even Stock Hausen and Walkman - you'll know what this French act sound like. Repeat plays will allow the simple melodies and refrains to get under your skin like a warm Mediterranean sun" (Record Collector, 05/2010)

"Antena's true magic is an ability to continually enhance their sound without straying too far from either roots or current interests (downtempo House and Lounge, for example). Another complete work in a seductive and ongoing saga" (The Big Takeover, 09/2010)

"An easygoing treat of a release, another instance of the understated Brazilian pop grooves that Antena has always openly loved coming to the fore in her own inspired way. With further collaborative help musically and lyrically from a childhood friend of Isabelle's, Jean-Christophe Clair, Antena approached Bossa Super Nova in much the same way that Depeche Mode did with the previous year's Sounds of the Universe, intentionally taking technology and equipment from the band's earliest days to re-explore them for a different songwriting and arrangement approach. So instead of the heavily shrouded in reverb stylings of Camino del Sol, the early drum machines and keyboards here stand out much more crisply, while Antena's vocals similarly are of her as the accomplished and experienced performer rather than the young enthusiast out to see what might work. Songs like the insect-buzz tinged Happy in My Garden aim for the sweetly dreamy while Straight to the Point, a giddy celebration of Serge Gainsbourg, becomes a frug-worthy acid rock confection suitable for the French legend in his late sixties days. The combination of science fiction bliss (Amour Cosmique, Une Francaise sur Mars) and reflective nostalgia (Hollywood is Dead, a lament for lost stars of the past) makes for another excellent Antena album, once more" (All Music Guide, 04/2010)

"Bossa Super Nova is an experiment of sorts - the result of several hours of loft-rummages, heady rehearsals with analogue equipment and a deliberate nod to their debut album, Camino Del Sol. It's rather tasty, in fact there's no low-point throughout the entire set" (Last FM, 04/2010)