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Section 25 \ Deus Ex Machina [LTMCD 2316]

Deus Ex Machina is an archive collection by Section 25 featuring studio demos of several unreleased songs recorded between 1983 and 1985, as well as live material recorded on their second North American tour in February 1985, The Hacienda (February 1983) and Preston Guildhall (October 1985). All tracks are mix-desk quality recordings.


1. Tchaiko
2. Loving No-One (live)
3. Days Pass By (live)
4. Firefly (live)
5. 4TMI
6. The Process (live)
7. Looking From a Hilltop (live)
8. Beneath the Blade (live)
9. Inspiration (live)
10. Program for Light (live)
11. Slinky (live)
12. Sweet Forgiveness (live)
13. Deus Ex Machina

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Deus Ex Machina [LTMCD 2316]
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"Long raincoats and perfect, pioneering beats" (Melody Maker, 08/1998)

"Terrific!" (Uncut, 08/2000)

"Groundbreaking early use of a Roland TB303 bass-line machine, employing the squiggling sound that was to be found in the clubs during the summer of acid house" (Record Collector, 11/1998)