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Section 25 \ Dirty Disco (Best Of) [LTMCD 2515]

The first Best Of collection from Section 25 marks 30 eventful years (1978-2008) and features single and album tracks from all iterations of the group, as well as an exclusive 'lounge' version of Knew Noise. Producers include Martin Hannett, Bernard Sumner, Donald Johnson, Rob Gretton and Ian Curtis.

The CD booklet includes archive images, and an appreciation of SXXV by fellow Blackpool native John Robb.


1. Knew Noise
2. Up To You
3. Dirty Disco
4. New Horizon
5. Haunted
6. Wretch
7. Sakura
8. Warhead
9. Beating Heart (12" Mix)
10. Looking From a Hilltop (12" Remix)
11. Reflection
12. Bad News Week
13. Power Base
14. Winterland II
15. Knew Noise (lounge version)

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Dirty Disco (Best Of 1978-2008) [LTMCD 2515]
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"Includes the skyscraping phantom-funk of 1984's still-incredible Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)" (The Wire, 04/2013)

"Vin and Larry Cassidy's band were not built for mainstream success, but still they recorded some titanic music between 1979 and 1988. Variously produced by Ian Curtis, Martin Hannett and Bernard Sumner, early songs conform to the Factory aesthetic of urgent basslines and stern vocals. Later they became more synthetic and rhythmic and merged live instruments with technology. A new 'lounge' version of Knew Noise represents the band's present incarnation. 4 stars - Q Recommends" (Q Magazine, 06/2008)

"Factory's forgotten sons unearthed and compiled. Section 25 shed gloomy post-punk and embraced a new electronic future. The gloomy guitars and dub bass of Knew Noise were recorded before Metal Box, while the Sumner-produced 1985 single Looking From A Hilltop was a truly prophetic moment" (Uncut, 06/2008)

"The first ever Best Of compilation from the band, collecting eight album tracks and key singles. Section 25 were every bit the post-punk innovators as their mentors Joy Division. In fact, after Joy Division became New Order Bernard Sumner produced the band's third album, From the Hip (1984) following in the footsteps of Martin Hannett who had overseen their debut Always Now. You might find the electropop tone of the band's later, more recent work a little jarring with their roots, but certainly, those brash early emissions sound incredibly vital in 2008" (Boomkat, 02/2008)

"The thumping mid-tempo tracks, splashes of high-hat cymbal and Hannett's lean deep production made Section 25 mighty contenders in 1981. Fast forward a few years to 1984, and the addition of shimmering electro-synthetic pop swell with brittle atmospheres and haunted melodies. They might not have always been dramatic or have the more memorable tunes, but they were often better than even the slickest New Order record" (Blurt, 08/2008)