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Section 25 \ From The Hip In The Flesh [LTMCD 2325]

A full-length archive live CD from the North American tour in 1985 which established Section 25 as surprize pioneers of techno. All tracks were recorded at the Cotillion Ballroom in Baton Rouge, and Club Lingerie in Hollywood.

Eleven tracks, 72 minutes of music mastered from soundboard tapes. Detailed sleevenotes, and a wry variation on the original Fact 90 cover design.


1. The Process
2. Looking From a Hilltop
3. Prepare to Live
4. Program for Light
5. Beneath the Blade
6. Reflection
7. Desert
8. Inspiration
9. Dirty Disco II
10. Inspiration
11. Boogie Beat

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From The Hip In The Flesh [LTMCD 2325]
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"It sounds even more prescient than the studio album - Program for Light is like the Run DMC/Aerosmith video re-enacted by Marshal Jefferson and Gang of Four" (The Wire, 06/2002)

"In 1985 at the Danceteria I saw a British group called Section 25 playing to fledgling B-boys in the downstairs space. I'd never heard drum machines through a PA and had no idea how punishing they could be. I couldn't hear a single word but I couldn't get their weird sound out of my head... The whole scene floated the fjord between the icy Factory scene in England and uptempo NYC edit tracks by Big Apple Productions and the Latin Rascals. Charging and droning, blowing my tiny mind" (Sasha Frere-Jones, The Wire, 12/2001)