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Lowlife \ Diminuendo + Singles [LTMCD 2392]

Diminuendo + Singles combines all nine tracks from the second Lowlife album Diminuendo (released in 1987) with 7 bonus tracks taken from non-album singles and EPs Hollow Gut, Vain Delights and Swirl It Swings.

The CD booklet features liner notes by journalist and former Lowlife manager Brian Guthrie, as well as photos and ephemera. Digitally remastered from the original master tapes, 74 minutes of music.


1. A Sullen Sky
2. Big Uncle Ugliness
3. Ragged Rise to Tumbledown
4. From Side to Side
5. Off Pale Yellow
6. Tongue Tied and Twisted
7. Licking One's Wounds
8. Wonders Will Never Cease
9. Given to Dreaming
10. Hollow Gut
11. Permanent Sleep (Steel Mix)
12. Eternity Road (12" version)
13. Swing
14. Colours Blue
15. Ramafied

Available on digital download (MP3). CD sold out. To order simply select correct shipping option and then click on the Buy Now button below the cover image, or else contact LTM by email.

Diminuendo + Singles [LTMCD 2392]
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"Hyperbole and superlative are safe and easy harbours for critics, yet Lowlife assemble the journeyman's tools of guitar, bass, drums and voice and touch the skies" (Melody Maker, 1987)

"Characteristic grim beauty" (M8, 1987)

"Evocative and dramatic but never overbearing. Lowlife's sound, drenched in reverb and clean upfront guitars, runs an interesting sweep across a good clutch of favourable influences - the Bunnymen, Comsat Angels, New Order" (Q, 1987)

"A landmark album, bursting with feeling and dripping with emotion" (Music Week, 1987)

"A 4AD record in all but name, but played exactly right: the opaque song structures, the aura of wonder, that pulsating bass sound, those outlandish song titles" (Underground, 1987)

"Diminuendo captures Lowlife at their peak, dismissing the inevitable Cocteau Twins and gothic rock comparisons and crafting an album of real distinction. With the inclusion of some of their best singles, and the strong Swirl It Swings EP, 1987 was definitely the year when Lowlife really should have reached beyond their cult following" (Leonard's Lair, 04/2006)