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Lowlife \ San Antorium + The Black Sessions Pt. 2 [LTMCD 2468]

San Antorium is the fourth studio album by Lowlife, originally released in 1991 and produced by Calum Maclean. Here core members Craig Lorentson and Will Heggie are joined by guitarist Hugh Duggie and drummer Martin Fleming.

This expanded remaster features 5 bonus tracks, being the second half of the legendary Black Sessions demo album, issued in 1988 in a limited edition of 250 copies.


1. Jaw
2. Inside In
3. My Mother's Fatherly Father
4. Big Fat Funky Whale
5. Good As It Gets
6. Suddenly Violently Random
7. June Wilson
8. Give Up Giving Up
9. Bath
10. As Old As New
11. Missing the Kick (demo)
12. Bittersweet (demo)
13. Forever Filthy (demo)
14. Neverending Shroud (demo)
15. We the Cheated (demo)

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San Antorium + The Black Sessions Pt. 2 [LTMCD 2468]
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"Lowlife's fourth album also turns out to be their most upbeat, although the main highlights can be discovered on the Black Sessions offerings, which match the highs of Diminuendo" (Leonard's Lair, 10/2006)

"Among their best albums, blessed with an expansive production, and a little more uplifting than usual" (PopNews, 02/2007)

"Lowlife remain immaculate sonic tragedians. Peerless" (Melody Maker, 1991)

"San Antorium moves majestically across the landscape, soaring and soothing in its simplicity, blissful in its wilderness" (M8, 1991)