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Lowlife \ Permanent Sleep + Rain [LTMCD 2390]

Dark, melancholic and introspective, Scottish quartet Lowlife offered an excellent blend of muscular post-punk with ethereal wave, described by some as The Chameleons and Joy Division filtered through Cocteau Twins.

Permanent Sleep + Rain combines the six track mini album Rain (released in 1985) with all eight tracks from Lowlife's debut album proper Permanent Sleep from the following year.

As an added bonus this expanded remaster also includes From Side to Side (original mix) from the EP Vain Delights.

The CD booklet features liner notes by journalist and former manager Brian Guthrie, as well as Lowlife photos and ephemera. 70 minutes of music.


1. Coward's Way
2. As It Happens
3. Mother Tongue
4. Wild Swan
5. Permanent Sleep
6. A Year Past July
7. The Betting and Gaming Act 1964
8. Do We Party?
9. Sometime: Something
10. Reflections of I
11. Gallery of Shame
12. Sense of Fondness
13. Hail Ye
14. Again and Again
15. From Side to Side (version)

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Permanent Sleep + Rain [LTMCD 2390]
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"Will Heggie's nonchalant, imposing bass shapes these gems, constructing enticing, webbed patterns of sound driven by an Echo-type rock momentum. Once you've heard its majesty and shared in its journey you won't want to part with it for love nor money" (Melody Maker, 1986)

"Lowlife construct their deep atmospheres through hypnotic mysterious songs, an the album glides gracefully from beginning to end with tantalising intensity" (Sounds, 07/1986)

"Through a wash of guitars and effected vocal lines, Lowlife meander like a slow and beautiful dream, slipping into gear to hammer home that killer punch. Never overpowering, Permanent Sleep is further enhanced by some wistful and charming melodies that readily set the nerve ends on edge. Magnetic" (Q Magazine, 08/1986)

"A magnificent and lush sound, layered and tactile" (Music Week, 08/1986)

"Perfects a dark majesty all of their own making" (Leonard's Lair, 03/2006)